Spirit ST900MS

Spirit ST900MS

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Ideal for smaller, highly trafficked fitness facilities, the Spirit Fitness ST900MS Multi-Station can accommodate up to four individuals at the same time. Users can get an effective, total-body workout experience in a space-friendly footprint. Built-to-last, this multi-station requires minimal maintenance with durable reliability.



Three versatile stations, with optional lower body press, allow for a complete workout in an efficient, 96 square foot space.

Independent Weight Stacks

Generous weight stack capacity accommodates most users’ resistance needs.

Total Body

Each station offers multiple exercises to effectively train the whole body. Includes a press station, pull station, lower body station, and optional lower body press.


Standard accessories comfortably allow for multiple exercise and grip options. Includes     short bar, and lat pulldown bar.

Commercial Construction

Highly durable, with little required maintenance provides great value to facility owners.