Torque 4 x 6 X-Rack Storage System

Torque 4 x 6 X-Rack Storage System

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The 4 x 6 X-Rack Storage System is Torque’s recommended storage and functional training solution for spaces up to 400 square feet.  It’s five trays provide 30 feet of linear accessory storage.  For larger spaces and more users, see our 12′ and 18′ systems or go custom.  We will work with you to customize it to your space.

  • 3″ x 3″ 11 gauge frame construction.
  • Top level stability ball storage
  • Pull-up bars and TRX suspension station anchor points
  • 15 inch x 6′ universal heavy duty trays will support any accessories
  • Urethane boots cover base plate mounting bolts
  • Trays can be float for ball, sandbag, kettlebell etc. storage or angled for proper body position and wrist angle when racking dumbbells

Note:  Accessories shown are not included.  System must be secured to a concrete floor.