SPRI Xergym Bar

SPRI Xergym Bar

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Get a full-body workout with the Xergym Bar, which combines strength and resistance training in one exercise tool. Stand on the tubing for standard exercises like curls, shoulder presses and squats. To change resistance levels, simply roll up the tubing around the bar, change the Xertube being used, or do a combination of both! The Xergym works with the Original Xertube by placing the handles of the tube inside the bar and securing the end caps. The 32" bar comes apart for easy travel and storage. The Original Xertube is sold separately. Includes a free downloadable exercise guide.

Xergym Bar Features:

  • Combine strength and resistance training
  • Stand on the tubing for standard exercises
  • Change resistance levels by rolling up the tube around the bar
  • Can be used with any Original Xertube® resistance level
  • 32" long
  • Comes apart for easy travel and storage